Tattoo Removal for Dark Skin. We have 2 clinics in London, by Bank & Oxford Street. Free Consultations

  • Removal of unwanted tattoos, fewer treatments & better clearance
  • One of only 2 clinics in the Europe using the PicoSure & PicoWay lasers.
  • Suitable for all skin types on black ink
  • Treats most ink colours on light skin types
  • Tattoo needs to be a minimum of 3 months old to start removing
  • Doctor and nurse led clinic.
  • Open until 8 pm weekdays and weekends till 5 pm
  • Clinics in London: Bank, Fenchurch Street & Tottenham Court Road

QSwitch Prices

Extra 20% Off 

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Tattoo Size Single Treatment Pack of 8 per Session 0% Finance Price

12 Monthly Instalment

Very Small
(1 – 3 cm)
£50 £40

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(4 – 8 cm)
£70 £56

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(9 – 15 cm)
£80 Was £64

Now £51.20

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(16 -20 cm)
£120 Was £96

Now £76.80

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Extra Large
(21 cm upwards)
£130 From £104
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PICO Prices

Extra 20% Off.

T&C’s applies.

Tattoo Size Single Treatment Pack of 6 per Session Pack of 8 per Session

0% Finance Price

12 Instalments

Very Small
(1 – 3 cm)
£80 £55 £50

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(4 – 8 cm)
£130 Was £86

Now £68.80


Was £78

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(9 – 15 cm)
£210 Was £130

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Was £120

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(16 -20 cm)
£380 Was £260

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Was £220

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Extra Large
(20 cm upwards)
From £450 From £316.67 From £337.50 From £180
Eyebrows £250 £208 £201 £107.20
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0% Finance Option

  • Have a minimum spend of £350?
  • Have lived in the UK for more than 3 years?
  • Can put a 20% deposit to secure finance?
  • Can pay over a 12 month instalments?
  • Are not a student?
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have a UK bank account capable of accepting Direct Debits
  • Provide an email address so your documentation can be emailed to you.
  • You’re in paid employment or have a regular income
  • Have a good credit history with no late payments,
  • No County Court Judgment (CCJs), Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVAs) or bankruptcies.
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Laser Tattoo Removal for Dark Skin London

Those with darker skin types may be wondering whether Laser Tattoo Removal will work the same. Some may suggest that it is harder to remove and a risk of complications. But, as a clinic that weekly treats over 300 clients of all skin types, laser tattoo removal for darker skin tones works equally well as lighter skin tones on Black ink.

Tattoo removal is defined as any method of removing a tattoo from the skin. There is a wide range of tattoo removal methods out there including dermabrasion (scrubbing off layers of the skin), TCA (which is an acid which removes layers of skin), excision (cutting the tattoo out) and of course laser (using energy to break down the ink particles). Mostly leading to scarring and pigmentation and uneven removal.

Traditional lasers have been around for a while but the new PicoWay lasers are a breakthrough in laser tattoo removal. Using Picosecond technology with a deeper wavelength speeds up removal and has a far lower chance of side effects than other methods. We also use the RevLite which uses longer laser wavelengths which can be used alongside our Pico machines to avoid severe side effects for darker skin types and treat certain shading much better.

Benefits of PicoWay laser tattoo removal:

  • Less painful treatments.
  • Effective on Black ink.
  • Fewer treatments required; the whole tattoo can be removed in as little as 4 treatments.
  • Less chance of side effects.

* results may vary from person to person

If you are considering Laser Tattoo Removal, don’t worry. It is commonly asked if Laser Tattoo Removal is suitable for darker skin. We cover some of the FAQ for darker skin types below. If you would like to learn more about how the treatment works, visit the Laser Tattoo Removal page.

Laser Tattoo Removal Near me

Pulse Light Clinic has 2 laser tattoo removal clinics in London, one in the heart of the city, within a few minutes from Monument and Bank stations and one on Tottenham Court Rd.

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Laser Tattoo Removal for Dark Skin FAQ's

Risks associated with laser tattoo removal on darker skin types?

Generaly, there are three things people should be aware of as potential side effects with tattoo removal, especially with darker skin as the risks are slightly higher. Hyperpigementation, where the skin will darken over time. Hypopigmentation, where the skin will lighten over the tattoo removal area. Keloids scars, while very rare, keloids are raised scar tissue that develops around the treated area.
Other side effects like blistering, scabbing, swelling and itching are quite normal, as they are a sign that your immune system has started the healing process. Skin colour does not have any bearing on pain levels, infection or muscle soreness either.

Do darker skin types require more sessions?

Darker skin tones contain pigment similar to that of tattoo ink. Therefore, more sessions might be required to effectively remove a tattoo, epecially those with darker ink. However, the size and depth of the tattoo will also have an effect on the number of sessions required.

Can the PicoSure and PicoWay treat darker skin types?

For tattoo removal, we wouldn't recommend Picosure for darker skin types. It has a shorter wavelength and causes hypopigmentation easily on fair skin and even more aggressively on darker skin. At Pulse Light Clinic we prefer the use of Picoway or Q-switch on darker skin types and black inks.

Tattoo Removal Near Me

Bank Clinic

0207 523 5158
1st Floor, Peek House, 20 East Cheap, London, EC3M 1EB

Tottenham Court Rd

0207 205 4085
5 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG